Garden of Life — Super Green Powder Formula

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Garden of Life — Super Green Powder Review

Garden of life makes a green powder that’s very similar to a lot of the other leading green powder formulas out there.  But there are a few things about its formula that make it a bit lacking in our opinion, which we’ll highlight in just a moment.  That’s the reason why we gave it 4 stars for completeness instead of 5, because it’s just not quite as complete as powders like Green Vibrance and Miracle Greens, and it costs about the same amount.  Here are a few of the ingredients in Garden of Life’s green powder that we feel are more like filler ingredients than must haves:

  • Rice Bran Extract
  • Garbanzo Beans
  • Kidney Beans
  • Lentils
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Organic Tomato

It’s not that we have anything against these ingredients, but they definitely are more common to the standard diet and can easily be gotten through eating a healthy diet.  When we think green powder, we think of a bunch of green compounds that are rare, and aren’t usually a part of a normal healthy diet, things like grasses, algae, and herbal extracts.  So while the ingredients listed above can definitely be considered healthy, we consider them to be more filler ingredients than must haves.  So for our money, we’d go with a powder like Green Vibrance or Miracle Greens for the same price every time.

Poten-Zyme Whole Food Matrix

This is something very intriguing about Garden of Life’s green powder.  They utilize a proprietary process called Poten-Zyme which uses lacto-fermentation and enzymatic predigestion within a matrix of carefully selected whole foods. What that basically means is that this bio-fermentation uses multiple strains of micro-organisms to gently break food down into their most basic state without damaging the foods or reducing their nutritional value. Poten-Zyme neutralizes any of the common nutrient inhibitors found in foods, things like phytates in soy and gluten in grains.


The Poten-Zyme process used to formulate Garden of Life’s green powder is the reason why this powder gets high marks for bio-availability, because they’ve taken the time to make sure that you’re able to absorb and utilize as much of the nutrients in the powder as possible.  So even though some of the ingredients might be somewhat lacking, you’re definitely getting more bang for your buck with the healthy ingredients that actually are present.  And bio-availability is key with green powders because so many of the ingredients found in green powder formulas are difficult to digest.  Green powders are full of things like algae and grasses which are difficult for the human body to process.  So it’s nice when you find a green powder that purposefully goes out of its way to make its formula as bio-available as possible.

Organic Spirulina

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Organic Spirulina Review

Organic Spirulina is a great green powder.  Being very similar to Chlorella, Spirulina is also a single celled nutrient dense algae that’s power packed with health.  We’ll spell out a few differences between Chlorella and Spirulina before moving on.  Chlorella has the highest content of chlorophyll in any food.  Spirulina has a high chlorophyll content, but not as high as Chlorella.  Spirulina on the other hand contains all 9 of the essential amino acids that the body needs, a huge concentration of antioxidants, and lots of Vitamin B complex, all of which Chlorella can’t boast.  The other differences are mostly in the area of trace nutrients and would take a long time to go through.


Organic Spirulina is definitely a superfood, making it very complete for a green powder.  However, because most green powder combinations have organic Spirulina in their formula, as well as a wide variety of other ingredients, green powder combinations are usually have a more complete nutritional value.  However, some people absolutely swear by Spirulina as the ultimate superfood.  Claims about what Spirulina can do for the body abound.  People have called it a miracle food, healing whatever ails the body, and promoting maximum wellness.  Whether or not that’s true is up to the reader to decide.

Choosing a Quality Brand

Choosing a quality brand of Spirulina is important because of how Spirulina is created.  Being a single celled algae, it is grown in large vats, and has to be processed in order to be rendered as a powder.  In the past, contamination has been known to happen with both Spirulina and Chlorella.  Not only that, but single celled algae aren’t the easiest thing for the body to absorb and utilize.  Choosing a quality brand ensures that the Spirulina you’re eating will be as highly bio-available as possible.  It doesn’t make sense, after all, to save money by buying a cheaper brand, but digest less of the powder you eat.  I’d rather pay more for a better brand and have confidence that the powder is actually being absorbed and utilized by my body.  But the choice is yours.

Progreens Powder Review

Progreens powder review, an average green powder





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Progreens is what I consider to be an average green powder.  In terms of completeness, they’ve added things like probiotics and algae to their formula, but it seems more like a side dish than the main course.  Here’s why.  Even though Progreens powder boasts a lot of amazing ingredients, like grasses, algae, and juices, one overwhelming thing stands out.  The biggest ingredient, by far, is soy lecithin, coming in at 2000mg per serving.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against soy lecithin, but it’s definitely more of a filler ingredient than a main course.  The second highest ingredient is flaxseed meal, coming it at only 500mg per serving.  There’s 4 times more soy lecithin per serving than the second highest ingredient.  That’s pretty staggering if you ask me, and that’s the reason why it only gets 3 stars for completeness.  Again, don’t get me wrong, this powder still has a lot of power packed healthy ingredients and you will feel healthier by taking it.  But when I take a green powder, I want to make sure I’m getting as much benefit for the cost as possible.


  • Lactobacillus

L.rhamnosus A, L.rhamnosus B, L.acidophilus, L.casei, L.delbrueckii, bulgaricus

  • Bifidobacterium

B.longum, B.breve Streptococcus salivarius subsp. Thermophilus

The probiotic content again leaves a little bit to be desired.  Though they have 5 great strains in their formula, 2 of which are listed above, they only have 5 billion cultures per serving.  That may sound like a lot, but it’s really not.  One doctor that I respect a lot has a product with 60 billion cultures per serving, and Green Vibrance, which I’ve reviewed already, has 25 billion cultures per serving.  5 billion per serving just isn’t really enough to make an impact.  That’s another reason why this product only gets 3 stars for completeness.  They have all the right ingredients, they just didn’t formulate them together in the right proportions.

Other Ingredients

  • Milk Thistle Extract: 60mg
  • Ginkgo Biloba Extract: 20mg
  • Green Tea Extract: 20mg

These ingredients intrigue me because they aren’t common in green powders, but I like that Progreens has them in their formula.  These ingredients are brain food ingredients and help promote clarity and alertness.  Milk Thistle Extract, while not specifically a brain food, is great for overall wellness, promoting cleansing and healthy liver function.


The cost is probably the best thing about this product.  While it’s generally $45 for a can of the stuff, it’s on a very good sale through Amazon for only $26.

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