Green Powder Bio-Availability

Bio-availability has become a buzzword in modern culture.  Prior to the 21st century, bio-availability wasn’t a word that anyone really knew of.  So what does it mean?  Bio-availability refers to how readily available a supplement is to be absorbed and processed by the body.  Many times, an advertisement will highlight all of the wonderful benefits of a supplement but neglect to tell you that in pill form, the body can only absorb and process 10% of the pill, and the rest goes to waste.  Furthermore, with some complex supplements, the body breaks down the supplement compound into simpler molecules and uses them in other areas than the one intended, so even if your body is absorbing and processing the supplement, it’s not really doing the job you were hoping for it to do.  This is one of the main reasons why a supplement like growth hormone is given as a shot instead of a pill, because simply taking a growth hormone pill does no good.  Growth hormone is a very complex molecule that if eaten, will get broken down into simpler molecules by the GI tract and used for other purposes besides functioning as growth hormone.

So how in the world does this all relate to green powders?  Green powders are generally much more bio-available than supplements in pill form.  In fact, some green powders, such as Green Vibrance even boast about their bio-availability.  Foods in their natural form are almost always more bio-available than foods that have been heavily processed, and the closer you get to foods in their natural form, the more bio-available the nutrients generally become.  That’s the great thing about taking green powders.  Let’s face it, supplements are just plain expensive.  When you buy one, you want to absorb and utilize as much of it as possible right?  It think that’s true of just about anyone.

Many of the grocery store varieties of supplements generally aren’t very bio-available.  If you were to take a look at a chart of the most popular supplements and their brands and how bio-available each one is, most people would be shocked to find out that they’re paying high dollar amounts for supplements that they only absorb 10% of and contain various fillers.  If you’re going to spend the money buying supplements, make sure you get ones that your body can fully process and use.

Green Powder Benefits

Green powders are amazingly powerful health and wellness boosters that everyone should be taking in this modern day and age.  When we talk about green powders, we’re referring to things like wheat grass, barley grass, spirulina, chlorella, and combinations such as Progreens, Green Vibrance, and others.  Pretty much anything that grinds down vegetables and grasses into powders for human consumption.  Green powders offer an amazing assortment of health benefits that you can’t afford to be missing out on in this modern day and age.


Green powders are generally high in chlorophyll, which is natures most powerful detoxifying agent.  Just think about all of the toxins your body encounters everyday, things like pesticides, smog, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, preservatives, and many more.  Because of just how poor the Standard American Diet has become and how full our bodies are of things that shouldn’t be there, everyone should have a fairly frequent detoxing program.  But you don’t need to go to a class to learn how to make a wide variety of crazy shakes.  Chlorophyll is nature’s most powerful detoxifying agent.  Green powders are almost always full of chlorophyll.

Digestive Enzymes

Green foods and fruit are often full of the enzymes that help our bodies break down other foods.  Why does your body need help breaking down foods?  Again we go back to the Standard American Diet.  Because of the fact that most people feed their bodies steady diets of low nutritional, easy-to-digest foods such as snacks and sodas, the body 1) Becomes lazy and 2) Doesn’t have the building blocks for constructing enough proper digestive enzymes.  Any modern scientific health study on the subject will point out that the average person is deficient in digestive enzymes.  This means that when they eat low nutrition foods such as snacks and sodas, the body can quickly and effectively digest the foods, often storing them as fats and sugars.  But when they eat complex high nutrition foods, the digestive tract often does a poor job of absorbing all of the nutrients, and many of them are expelled from the body without ever being utilized.  This can leave a person in a state of having plenty of fats and sugars stored, but be deficient in many of the essential vitamins and minerals their body needs in order to survive and thrive.  Don’t let that be you!


Green powders in general are often rife with antioxidants.  More and more antioxidants are showing that they not only help prevent things like cancer, but they also help to prevent premature aging by promoting youth and vitality.  Antioxidants such as Vitamin E are amazing for the skin, giving it back its youthful glow and helping to slow down the aging process.  And keeping your body cancer free is another added benefit.


Depending on your green powder, many of the leading brands will also have probiotics in them.  Probiotics has become one of the leading buzz words of the 21st century.  Most of us know what they do and how powerful they are, aiding the digestive system in much the same way that digestive enzymes do.  One thing that’s worthy of note is that in modern times, the average diet is much less likely to contain probiotics than diets were of ages past.  Probiotics come in things like natural yogurt, natural cottage cheese, and other products.  Because of pasteurization methods on most dairy foods, probiotics are killed and never get the chance to benefit our digestive systems.  Having regular doses of probiotics helps to ensure that your digestive system stays healthy and active, ready to handle anything.