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Vitaforce Green Powder Review

Vitaforce green powder formula has made some bold claims about its ingredients.  1) It claims to be “The only green food powder that provides all your daily vitamins and minerals as nature intended.” 2) It claims to be “the only multivitamin/multimineral supplement that provides ideal amounts of each nutrient.”  We have mixed feelings about these claims.  One, we like their formula and how they’ve created it to truly be complete.  But two, it’s hard to set yourself apart in a crowd of amazing green powders like Green Vibrance and Miracle Greens whose formulas have been getting better and better for 20 years in the case of Green Vibrance.  And I love how Green Vibrance states right on it’s label what version of green powder you’re drinking.  Currently mine says “Version 10.1″ meaning that I’m on the 101st version of the formula.  That’s pretty impressive.  They’ve obviously put a lot of thought into their formula, finding lots of ways to make it better.  So when I see a new green powder come along that claims to be the only this, or the only that, it’s a little hard to take serious.  But let’s get into the claims more thoroughly.

How Complete is Vitaforce?

For one thing, their probiotic content is very poor.  Not that you need probiotics to have a complete powder, since probiotics aren’t an essential nutrient that you’d find in a multivitamin, but their formula has only 2 billion probiotic cultures per serving.  That may sound like a lot, but Green Vibrance has 25 billion cultures per serving, which is quite a difference.  2 billion cultures per serving just isn’t enough to do much.  So what do they have?  They have all of the ingredients you’d want in a green powder, things like:

  • Green Grasses
  • Algae
  • Lots of Juices
  • Phytonutrients
  • Amino Acids
  • Essential Fatty Acids

Their claim of being the only green powder that also functions as a multivitamin is mostly due to their addition of Vitamin B-12, Vitamin D, Calcium, Folic Acid and Zinc, which they claim is largely missing from other green powders.  That may be true, but these vitamins aren’t really all that difficult to come by in the normal foods we eat.  So if these are the only vitamins that separate Vitaforce from other green powder combinations, then I’d say they’re bold claims are pretty shaky.  I will say however that their superfruit blend is very impressive and I like the fact that they add nutritional yeast into their formula which has a wide variety of benefits, and is also a rich source of protein.


Vitaforce is just as expensive as the leading brands, and sometimes more expensive.  What I like to do when I run out of a green powder is to see which brand is on the best sale and then buy that one.  Vitaforce, Green Vibrance, and Miracle Greens are all fairly close in terms of ingredients and one can pretty well switch between the different powders.  That being said however, if you like the fact that Green Vibrance is so power packed with probiotics, you might not want to switch to another powder unless it’s really on a great sale.  But the choice is yours.


Miracle Greens Powder — Arthritis

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Miracle Greens and Arthritis

Miracle Greens powder has a few very interesting ingredients that we haven’t seen in any other green powder to day.  We touched upon them in the original review.  Here are the 3 ingredients:

  • Mangosteen
  • Turmeric
  • Ginger

So why are these three ingredients special?  The reason is because they’re all powerful anti-inflammatory herbs.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the anti-inflammatory movement, there are whole books and diet plans on the market today that focus on eating as many anti-inflammatory foods as possible and staying away from foods considered pro-inflammatory.  Apart from promoting general wellness, the anti-inflammatory diet is of particular interest to people suffering from arthritis, since anti-inflammatory foods aim to treat the pain and discomfort from arthritis.  Lets go through them one by one.

  • Mangosteen

Mangosteen contains chemicals called xanthones, which research has shown to have potent anti-inflammatory effects.  Apart from being high in antioxidants, mangosteen and its xanthones have been researched in connection with reducing inflammation as well as the pain associated with it.  In the natural realm, there are very few compounds that are more powerful anti-inflammatory agents.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric is another powerful anti-inflammatory that’s often used in cooking, especially Indian foods.  Turmeric is an herb and has been used for its positive health benefits since very early on in the culture of India.  The compound Curcumin, which also gives the spice its golden color, that provides most of the health benefits from Turmeric.  Turmeric has also been used as an topical rub, meaning that some practices use Turmeric as a rub directly on the skin to treat various conditions, including arthritis.

  • Ginger

Ginger is the third anti-inflammatory contained in Miracle Greens powder formula.  Not only is Ginger a powerful anti-inflammatory, it has been widely used for many other ailments like headaches, coughs, fevers, and many more.  Ginger is just an all around beneficial herb, but most notably, it is useful in the fight against arthritis.


Miracle Greens Review

miracle greens review -- another great green powder





Miracle Greens on Sale Here

Miracle Greens Powder Review

Here is another example of a great green powder.  This one, just like Green Vibrance, has just about everything you could want or need from a green powder.  It has a full range of green grasses and algae, a nice blend of probiotics, some healthy herbal extracts, and a few adaptogens thrown in.  For those of you who don’t know what an adaptogen is, it’s a natural herbal compound that’s thought to increase the body’s resistance to stress, anxiety, trauma, and fatigue.  This powder is actually almost identical to Green Vibrance, both in ingredients and in cost.  Some might ask, well why then would you do a review on both since they’re almost the exact same product?  The reason why it’s awesome to have both products reviewed is because you have twice the opportunity to catch one of these products on a great sale.  Miracle Greens, for example, is on a half off sale right now through the link above.  It’s about $10 cheaper than Green Vibrance is right now for the same amount.

A few Miracle Greens ingredients that I’d like to highlight:

Natural Herbal Extracts

  • Gingko Biloba
  • Milk Thistle
  • Plant Enzymes

Antioxidant Juices

  • Blueberry Juice Powder
  • Elderberry Juice Powder
  • Papaya Juice Powder
  • Cherry Juice Powder

Other Ingredients

  • Aloe Vera
  • Mangosteen
  • Turmeric
  • Ginger

Miracle Greens Ingredients

The ingredients that I’m really intrigued by are the last 4 listed above.  Aloe Vera is rare in green powder formulas and has some amazing health benefits.  In addition to that, mangosteen, turmeric, and ginger are ingredients I haven’t seen in any other green powder formula.  These are awesome ingredients because they’re all powerful anti-inflammatory compounds that can really help people suffering from arthritis and other conditions related to inflammation.  Anti-inflammatory compounds are a great addition to a green powder, something that I haven’t seen in any other kind of green powder.  If you’re suffering from arthritis, then I’d definitely seriously consider Miracle Greens above other green powders.


There are a few differences between this Miracle Greens and Green Vibrance that put Green Vibrance a little bit in the lead however.  Green Vibrance focuses more on bio-availability than Miracle Greens does.  For example, Miracle Greens has 8.5 billion probiotic cultures per serving, whereas Green Vibrance has 25 billion per serving, which is 3 times more.  Probiotics give your digestive system a nice boost in efficiency and help you digest the nutrients you take in.  In addition to that, Green Vibrance purposefully tries to use compounds that are closest to their raw original state.  This makes them more absorbable and useful to the body than compounds which have been heavily processed.


Organic Spirulina Side Effects

Organic Spirulina Side Effects — Contamination

Organic Spirulina has the same basic side effects that Chlorella powder can have.  Because of the way it’s produced Spirulina algae are subject to contamination and chemicals that aren’t supposed to be there.  For those who don’t know, Spirulina is a single celled algae that’s power packed with nutrients.  It’s grown and harvested in large vats and processed to render it in a digestible powder form.  In the past, some Spirulina distributors have suffered from low quality production methods, which led to chemical contamination of some of their Spirulina powder.  That’s why it’s especially important to choose a good brand when purchasing Spirulina or Chlorella.  The brand that we reviewed in our organic Spirulina review is one such brand.

Detoxification Side Effects

Other than side effects that can arise due to contamination, there are very few other reported side effects that come from Spirulina. The only other side effects, which we’ve mentioned multiple times in other articles, are side effects that arise through the detoxification process. Spirulina is a fairly powerful detoxifying agent, and when taken, will cause the body to begin removing its heavy metals and other toxins. When this happens, and a sudden rush of toxins enters the system in order to be processed out, a person can feel as though they’re suffering from the flu.  Nausea, aches, fever, and other symptoms are common side effects from detoxification.  This just means that the Spirulina is doing its job, but it can make a person worried that maybe they’re allergic to the compound.  As long as the symptoms don’t become too severe, you should be able to keep taking Spirulina and the side effects should begin to subside.


Organic Spirulina

organic spirulina review -- a great green powder





Organic Spirulina on Sale From a Quality Brand Here

Organic Spirulina Review

Organic Spirulina is a great green powder.  Being very similar to Chlorella, Spirulina is also a single celled nutrient dense algae that’s power packed with health.  We’ll spell out a few differences between Chlorella and Spirulina before moving on.  Chlorella has the highest content of chlorophyll in any food.  Spirulina has a high chlorophyll content, but not as high as Chlorella.  Spirulina on the other hand contains all 9 of the essential amino acids that the body needs, a huge concentration of antioxidants, and lots of Vitamin B complex, all of which Chlorella can’t boast.  The other differences are mostly in the area of trace nutrients and would take a long time to go through.


Organic Spirulina is definitely a superfood, making it very complete for a green powder.  However, because most green powder combinations have organic Spirulina in their formula, as well as a wide variety of other ingredients, green powder combinations are usually have a more complete nutritional value.  However, some people absolutely swear by Spirulina as the ultimate superfood.  Claims about what Spirulina can do for the body abound.  People have called it a miracle food, healing whatever ails the body, and promoting maximum wellness.  Whether or not that’s true is up to the reader to decide.

Choosing a Quality Brand

Choosing a quality brand of Spirulina is important because of how Spirulina is created.  Being a single celled algae, it is grown in large vats, and has to be processed in order to be rendered as a powder.  In the past, contamination has been known to happen with both Spirulina and Chlorella.  Not only that, but single celled algae aren’t the easiest thing for the body to absorb and utilize.  Choosing a quality brand ensures that the Spirulina you’re eating will be as highly bio-available as possible.  It doesn’t make sense, after all, to save money by buying a cheaper brand, but digest less of the powder you eat.  I’d rather pay more for a better brand and have confidence that the powder is actually being absorbed and utilized by my body.  But the choice is yours.