Rainbow Vibrance Review

rainbow vibrance review -- a fruit product from green vibrance





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Rainbow Vibrance Review

Rainbow Vibrance is a companion product made by Vibrant Health, the same company that produces Green Vibrance.  Rainbow Vibrance, as you can gather from the name, has much more of a range of nutrients in its formula than primarily green ingredients.  In fact, Rainbow Vibrance boasts that each serving is equal to almost 5 servings of fruit and vegetables.  But even though that’s impressive, that’s the main reason why we rated this product at 3 out of 5 stars for cost.  Rainbow Vibrance is a somewhat expensive way to make sure you’re getting all of your fruits and vegetables.  To us, if you’re going to pay the money for an expensive green powder, you probably should get one with the maximum range of ingredients, things like probiotics, adaptogens, digestive enzymes, and more.  Rainbow Vibrance does however have one great thing in its favor above all the rest of its competition.

High ORAC Value

ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity.  It’s basically a fancy way of saying antioxidant.  As most of us know, antioxidants battle the free radicals in our bodies that do damage to cells, thereby helping to prevent cancer and other diseases.  Fruits and supplements with high ORAC value are very rich in antioxidants.  Rainbow Vibrance has a very high ORAC value.  In fact, it’s the highest that we’ve seen from a green powder, or any other kind of supplement for that matter.  So if you’re looking for a supplement high in fruit and vegetable nutrients, and high in antioxidants, this is definitely the powder for you.

How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

If Rainbow Vibrance looks intriguing to you, but you’re looking for a product that’s a little more comprehensive in its ingredients, then one thing you can do is to mix a few different powders together.  One of the very best combinations out there is a Green Vibrance, Rainbow Vibrance mix.  Instead of using a full serving of either Green Vibrance or Rainbow Vibrance, you can use half of a serving of each.  This will not only prolong your supply, it will give you an even greater range of nutrients.  There are a lot of people doing this already which you can tell by going to the Rainbow Vibrance product page on Amazon.  In the “Frequently Bought Together” section, Green Vibrance is there, meaning that people have already figured out that this is a great combination.

Rainbow Vibrance on Sale Through this Link

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