Green Powder Bio-Availability

Bio-availability has become a buzzword in modern culture.  Prior to the 21st century, bio-availability wasn’t a word that anyone really knew of.  So what does it mean?  Bio-availability refers to how readily available a supplement is to be absorbed and processed by the body.  Many times, an advertisement will highlight all of the wonderful benefits of a supplement but neglect to tell you that in pill form, the body can only absorb and process 10% of the pill, and the rest goes to waste.  Furthermore, with some complex supplements, the body breaks down the supplement compound into simpler molecules and uses them in other areas than the one intended, so even if your body is absorbing and processing the supplement, it’s not really doing the job you were hoping for it to do.  This is one of the main reasons why a supplement like growth hormone is given as a shot instead of a pill, because simply taking a growth hormone pill does no good.  Growth hormone is a very complex molecule that if eaten, will get broken down into simpler molecules by the GI tract and used for other purposes besides functioning as growth hormone.

So how in the world does this all relate to green powders?  Green powders are generally much more bio-available than supplements in pill form.  In fact, some green powders, such as Green Vibrance even boast about their bio-availability.  Foods in their natural form are almost always more bio-available than foods that have been heavily processed, and the closer you get to foods in their natural form, the more bio-available the nutrients generally become.  That’s the great thing about taking green powders.  Let’s face it, supplements are just plain expensive.  When you buy one, you want to absorb and utilize as much of it as possible right?  It think that’s true of just about anyone.

Many of the grocery store varieties of supplements generally aren’t very bio-available.  If you were to take a look at a chart of the most popular supplements and their brands and how bio-available each one is, most people would be shocked to find out that they’re paying high dollar amounts for supplements that they only absorb 10% of and contain various fillers.  If you’re going to spend the money buying supplements, make sure you get ones that your body can fully process and use.

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