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Garden of Life — Super Green Powder Review

Garden of life makes a green powder that’s very similar to a lot of the other leading green powder formulas out there.  But there are a few things about its formula that make it a bit lacking in our opinion, which we’ll highlight in just a moment.  That’s the reason why we gave it 4 stars for completeness instead of 5, because it’s just not quite as complete as powders like Green Vibrance and Miracle Greens, and it costs about the same amount.  Here are a few of the ingredients in Garden of Life’s green powder that we feel are more like filler ingredients than must haves:

  • Rice Bran Extract
  • Garbanzo Beans
  • Kidney Beans
  • Lentils
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Organic Tomato

It’s not that we have anything against these ingredients, but they definitely are more common to the standard diet and can easily be gotten through eating a healthy diet.  When we think green powder, we think of a bunch of green compounds that are rare, and aren’t usually a part of a normal healthy diet, things like grasses, algae, and herbal extracts.  So while the ingredients listed above can definitely be considered healthy, we consider them to be more filler ingredients than must haves.  So for our money, we’d go with a powder like Green Vibrance or Miracle Greens for the same price every time.

Poten-Zyme Whole Food Matrix

This is something very intriguing about Garden of Life’s green powder.  They utilize a proprietary process called Poten-Zyme which uses lacto-fermentation and enzymatic predigestion within a matrix of carefully selected whole foods. What that basically means is that this bio-fermentation uses multiple strains of micro-organisms to gently break food down into their most basic state without damaging the foods or reducing their nutritional value. Poten-Zyme neutralizes any of the common nutrient inhibitors found in foods, things like phytates in soy and gluten in grains.


The Poten-Zyme process used to formulate Garden of Life’s green powder is the reason why this powder gets high marks for bio-availability, because they’ve taken the time to make sure that you’re able to absorb and utilize as much of the nutrients in the powder as possible.  So even though some of the ingredients might be somewhat lacking, you’re definitely getting more bang for your buck with the healthy ingredients that actually are present.  And bio-availability is key with green powders because so many of the ingredients found in green powder formulas are difficult to digest.  Green powders are full of things like algae and grasses which are difficult for the human body to process.  So it’s nice when you find a green powder that purposefully goes out of its way to make its formula as bio-available as possible.

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  1. Interesting read Ben, I’m new to this site, and to be honest, I don’t know enough about these kind of products, but….. Why is having the fillers like Lentils, sunflower seeds and beans a bad thing? Is it that they have no real nutritional value? Or they give the illusion of more substance taking away from it’s true purpose?
    So many questions…. Looking forward to learning more.

  2. Hey there, thanks for stopping by! It’s mostly due to the fact that when you’re getting a “green powder” it’s nice to have more green ingredients vs things like sunflower seeds which you can buy pretty cheap in the store. It’s not that they’re unhealthy or lacking nutrition, but green powders aren’t cheap, so you generally want more green ingredients like algae and grasses and less cheaper ingredients like beans and seeds.

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