Organic Spirulina Side Effects

Organic Spirulina Side Effects — Contamination

Organic Spirulina has the same basic side effects that Chlorella powder can have.  Because of the way it’s produced Spirulina algae are subject to contamination and chemicals that aren’t supposed to be there.  For those who don’t know, Spirulina is a single celled algae that’s power packed with nutrients.  It’s grown and harvested in large vats and processed to render it in a digestible powder form.  In the past, some Spirulina distributors have suffered from low quality production methods, which led to chemical contamination of some of their Spirulina powder.  That’s why it’s especially important to choose a good brand when purchasing Spirulina or Chlorella.  The brand that we reviewed in our organic Spirulina review is one such brand.

Detoxification Side Effects

Other than side effects that can arise due to contamination, there are very few other reported side effects that come from Spirulina. The only other side effects, which we’ve mentioned multiple times in other articles, are side effects that arise through the detoxification process. Spirulina is a fairly powerful detoxifying agent, and when taken, will cause the body to begin removing its heavy metals and other toxins. When this happens, and a sudden rush of toxins enters the system in order to be processed out, a person can feel as though they’re suffering from the flu.  Nausea, aches, fever, and other symptoms are common side effects from detoxification.  This just means that the Spirulina is doing its job, but it can make a person worried that maybe they’re allergic to the compound.  As long as the symptoms don’t become too severe, you should be able to keep taking Spirulina and the side effects should begin to subside.

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