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A wheatgrass powder product with lots of other healthy ingredients






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Wheatgrass Powder

Wheatgrass powder is something I’ve started becoming skeptical of in recent days.  The main reason why is because due to the fact that wheatgrass was one of the first green powders to really grow in popularity, it’s now in widespread production.  In recent days, companies from China have started producing wheatgrass powder for sale in America.  We’re personally a bit skeptical of Chinese health products, especially a powder formula that can easily be full of filler, either harmful or innocuous.  That’s the reason why as far as wheatgrass powder is concerned, we’re promoting the above product.  Green Superfood powder is very full of wheatgrass powder, and Green Superfood is very inexpensive but also quality. One serving of Green Superfood powder has:

  • 5300mg of grasses and green algae (The main ingredient is wheatgrass)


A 30 day supply of Green Superfood is the same price as a 30 day supply of one of the leading wheatgrass powders.  But with Green Superfood, you get a lot of other quality ingredients as well.  Wheatgrass powder by itself is great, but having it in a combination with lots of other types of green ingredients is better, especially if there’s no difference in price.


Wheatgrass is an amazing green powder, but as far as bio-availability goes, it’s much better to take a wheatgrass powder inside of a combination with probiotics and digestive enzymes.  Because of the Standard American Diet that many of us eat, our digestive tracts aren’t in the most amazing shape.  Snacks, starches, and sugars that are easy to digest abound in the modern diet, making our digestive tract work less to absorb and process energy.  Because of that, once you start eating or drinking complex nutrient dense greens, such as wheatgrass powder, your digestive tract isn’t able to fully process and absorb the nutrients.  So a lot of it goes to waste.  But, when you take a combination green powder, such as Green Superfood, it comes with digestive enzymes and probiotics to help get your digestive tract back into high efficiency function.  So not only do you get a power packed burst of green nutrients, you get an extra boost in digestive power to help absorb and process those same nutrients.

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