Green Superfood Review

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Green Superfood Review

For the price, Green Superfood powder is definitely one of the best green powder combinations out there. In terms of ingredients, it’s basically your meat and potatoes variety of green powder, meaning that is contains all of the biggies like Organic Chlorella and a variety of grasses, a good combination of antioxidants, and a few probiotics and digestive enzymes.  For only $20 like it is right now through the sale we found, you really can’t beat it. If you’re relatively new to the world of green powders and are looking for an inexpensive, yet quality green powder that has all of your basics, then Green Superfood powder is the one for you.  Here are a few of its ingredients per serving:

  • 5300mg of grasses and algae including Chlorella and Spirulina
  • 1100mg of antioxidants
  • 400mg of probiotics, digestive enzymes and prebiotics
  • Vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B complex, Selenium, Calcium, Iron, and more

So as you can see, Green Superfood is very power packed with healthy green nutrients.  5300mg of grasses and algae is nothing to sneeze at.  And at the price, you really can’t beat it.  Ordinarily this product goes for about $35 a can.  But we’ve found in on a great sale for less than $20 through the link above.

Who This Powder is For

  • People just starting out with green powders
  • People who want a great green powder at a low cost
  • People with digestive problems

What This Powder is Lacking

Since we called Green Superfood powder a meat and potatoes variety green powder, what things is it lacking?  Well there are a variety of things that other green powders include in their combinations that aren’t found here.  One of them is raw foods.  Raw foods are foods that haven’t been heated above 115 degrees and have undergone a very small amount of processing.  They’re very close to being in their original state and are thus very bio-available.  Another thing this product doesn’t have is any miscellaneous ingredients that promote general wellness, things like Milk Thistle Extract, Ginkgo Biloba, Adaptogens, or some of the things that other green powders can boast.  An adaptogen by the way is a natural herb product that is thought to increase the body’s resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety and fatigue. In the past, they have also been termed rejuvenating herbs.

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